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The first expedition to the South Pole was in 1911 and 102 years later I became the first person in the world to cycle there, confirming my place in the Guinness World Records.

I also set the human powered speed record in 10 days 14 hours and 56 minutes for any coast to pole Antarctic expedition. A record which is being hotly contested in Antarctica today.

I have experienced the extremes of cycling 600km over the notoriously dangerous Lake Baikal on the Central Siberian plateau to running 243km across the sahara desert in the Marathon Des Sables. In 2014 I was named BBC Travel Pioneer of the year.

As a motivational speaker & author, I now shares what it takes to achieve such feats.

When I’m not on expedition I organise a programme of Burn Series Adventure Racing which are competitive one day races involving running, cycling and kayaking. As a family adventure as well as suitable for more experienced racers, I am aiming to help others reach their sporting goals.

To find out more then visit the burnseries.co.uk website.